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Posted on 08-12-2020 05:24 PM





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techconnex is the new identity for the Tech Valley Software Alliance

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Just as the information technology industry in the Capital Region has changed, so has the Tech Valley Software Alliance; changing to directly address the needs of the technology community. While the information technology companies in the Capital Region employ over 3,000 professionals, non-technology companies employ the vast majority of technologists. In today's business environment it is difficult to find an operation that does not depend on information technology in some way. These applications range from financial services to government to medical care to manufacturing. Even junkyards have some of the most sophisticated inventory systems around.

The Tech Valley Software Alliance has become techconnex to meet the changing needs of the technology community in the Capital Region and Tech Valley. Not only providing services and resources to assist the software companies directly, additional services and events will be sponsored to aid the efforts and development of individuals. techconnex is not only building a technology community but will provide the connection to resources and support.

---Craig Skevington, chair of techconnex and president of Flow Management Technologies, Inc.


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