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Posted on 08-12-2020 05:27 PM




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TechConnex is the new identity for the Tech Valley Software Alliance. The Tech Valley Software Alliance has changed to a new name, TechConnex, and logo - changes reflective of the organization's commitment to meeting the needs of the technology community in the Capital Region and Tech Valley. The local software and technology industry has changed in the past several years from pure software development firms to a hybrid of technology, software development and non-technology companies that include financial services, government, medical and manufacturing that use technology and employ technologists.

In addition to the events and resources already provided to assist technology companies directly, additional services and programs will be sponsored to aid the efforts and development of individuals. techconnex is not only focused on building a technology community, but also providing a comprehensive connection to information technology resources and support within the Capital Region and Tech Valley.




History and Background

In the summer of 1995, executives from several local software companies met to discuss common challenges facing the industry here in the Capital Region, and ways the firms could work together to capitalize on industry opportunities. They learned that the regional software industry was growing, and that as the industry grew, more opportunities would be available to each company.

The Tech Valley Software Alliance was initiated to respond to the needs of the growing software industry in the Capital Region - which now includes more than 250 technology companies and more than $300 million in sales and revenues. Local software companies, in partnership with the Center for Economic Growth and area colleges and universities, have made it their mission to grow the software industry to $1 billion in sales by the year 2004. The Alliance was guided by a steering committee that is comprised of the Region's leading software executives.


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